What do wood pellets use for?

What do wood pellets use for?

Used to be very popular in the world but in just a few years back here new wood capsules are known in Vietnam and are more attentive to learn. So what is wood tablets for? It has nothing to do with the conventional fuel, and the energy AT follow up article below to learn more about one of the ingredients is dubbed the green burning.

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After having grasped the basics of wood pellets, you probably already know this product is a type of biofuel, which is produced from natural waste materials and is heavily used as a biofuel. However this is just a general way, what are the wood capsules used for?

Basically, wood pellets are used in the following tasks:

  • As a burner: wood pellets can be used as a burner for most jobs requiring large thermal energy. On average 1 kg of wood pellets will produce 4260 Kcal of heat much larger than other types of biological substances. In particular, with a low ash of only 1.17%, wood pellets are very popular for use in tasks such as:
    • As a burner in fireplaces in countries with cold winters such as Korea, countries of the European Region, the Americas,… Substitutes for electricity, coal, oil, firewood,…
    • As a burner for thermal power plant
    • As a burner for civil industries such as packing,…
    • … And a lot of the work that needs other burners like cooking, burning furnaces,…
  • Desiccant Barn: In addition, besides used mainly as a burner, wood pellets are also favored by its optimum desiccant capability. Specifically, after the production process, the wood tablets will be taken in the ideal humidity from 8-14%, this is the appropriate humidity that helps limit ash as well as dust smoke that occurs when burning, copper with this effect, wood tablets also have a very hygroscopic effect Good. Also thanks to this hygroscopic effect, wood pellets are also popular in poultry farms during the moist cold season, helping the farm stay dry, airy, and ensure the health of pets.
  • Fertilizer: With 100% raw materials from sawdust, wood pellets are used for annealing, fertilizing plants, fruit trees need other sawdust.

Pros, disadvantages of wood pellets

  • Advantages of wood Pellets

As one of the most popular combustion fuels in the world, wood pellets have many outstanding advantages:

    • High-output heat: Many domestic and foreign studies have proved that wood pellets are one of the most current types of bioburns that have the highest combustion performance, even much higher than that of many other sources of the other other. Specifically:
      • A ton of wood pellets have heat output equivalent to 454.25 L oil but cheaper price 42%
      • Some tons of heat output equivalent to 643.52 L Proban but less than 33% cheaper
      • A ton of wood pellets has a heat output when the burner is equivalent to 4,755 kWh electricity but is 38% cheaper than electricity.
      • At the same time, a ton of wood-cast tablets also has energy output equivalent to 453 m3 of natural gas. Although compared to the price, natural gas is 24% cheaper but the fuel is not usable at the same cold weather, so wood pellets are preferred
    • Wood pellets are also a source of environmentally friendly materials that are recommended by many organisations.
  • Disadvantages of wood pellets

In parallel with the many advantages that wood pellets bring, this type of fuel also has the disadvantages to be aware of:

Wood pellets are often exported to Korea

    • Average output: The market of timber in our country is quite developed however products produced are usually exported to Korea, hence, the source of domestic products is not so much.
    • Often mixed: Because the market of wood pellets is quite developed leading to a lot of small businesses, lack of credibility begins to invest in this field, however due to the line does not meet the quality of wood tablets produced is not guaranteed However, these products have a relatively low price. Many traders find this source of interest in mixing with quality wood pellets for sale to deceive consumers. Therefore, the best option for consumers is to buy wood capsules directly at the production facility, this not only guarantees the quality of wood-coated tablets but also a much lower cost when buying at the dealer.
    • Difficult to preserve: Vietnam is in hot humid climates all year round, therefore, the preservation of wood pellets is also a problem to be aware of. Usually wood pellets after processing will be packaged into PE bag to ensure the moisture restriction to the lowest level. However, after opening the cover, the condition of moisture is very easy, which can cause wood pellets to mold, reduce the quality as well as lack of safety for the users.

Above are some of the uses of wood pellets as well as pros and cons of this type of fuel. Hopefully through the article below you will have more understanding of wood pellets from which to use them in the best way.

Wish you a productive day!